2006 fic round-up meme

I think this meme is for fanfic, but I’m going to do OF as well. Accomplished in 2006:

– Finished season 1 of “The Destroyer”, started season 2. Eppies included:

121: Heart of Darkness
122: Beneath
201: Dead
202: Knowledge
203: Inappropriately Neurotic
204: Dramatis Personae

Only six episodes the whole year? Well, I traveled a lot. My favorite episode of this lot, I think, was “Heart of Darkness.” Although “Beneath”, the season ender, was about Connor’s inner struggles (which is what TD is, in the end, about), “HOD” had some good Unholy Family stuff I enjoyed writing.

Second favorite, “Inappropriately Neurotic.” I don’t know what it was last year, but I got on this Goth and Noir kick. I wanted to explore things with a darker, kinkier edge to them. So I invented this OC, Alix, and this nightclub setting, Sekhmet, in part to do that. Expect to see more of them in future eps.

– Co-wrote/edited “Reconciliation“, and wrote “Rise” in the AtS Season 6 series.

Those two episodes were the only ones to come out in that series in 2006. The Mutant Existential Scoobies were having lots of RL issues, good and bad. “Rise” was a lot of fun to write, ’cause of the Faith+Wesley. I also enjoyed tinkering with the Connor+Spike and Congel bits of arethusa2‘s Reconciliation script.

– In April, I did my so-called “NaDraWriMo,” thirty original fic drabbles in thirty days. The best of that was posted here.

I was really hoping this effort would kick-start an idea for an original fiction story of some length greater than 100 words, and I did sort of glom onto a character towards the end of the month (who, judging by my commenters’ icons, reminded them of Faith), but I couldn’t seem to get a handle on what her story was about.

– I gave it the old college try, though. For the next couple months (May-July), I posted eight story bits to the community, hoping to get a critical mass that would enable me to participate in NaNoWriMo in November. But the story wasn’t setting fire to my butt. The only thing fueling it was my desperate desire to write original fic, not anything compelling about the story itself. So that fizzled out.

– I did participate in NaNoWriMo in November. With a fanfic WIP! (*headdesk*). And I won, ’cause their word counting machine doesn’t actually check to see if you’ve written a self-contained original novel.

I’m not going to pressure myself by having some New Year’s resolution to “get that original fic story going already!” I think the wiser course of action is what I decided to do, read more, see more films. Feed my muse.

17 thoughts on “2006 fic round-up meme

  1. hmm haven’t run across anything like that lately. My library loves to stock amateur ones revolving around cooking (rolls eyes, some aren’t bad but seriously branch out a little), the best one I’ve read lately was an FBI one called Shadow Man but it’s graphic (with a pointless sex scene)

  2. Let’s hear it for epic WIP!
    It also means that I technically wrote seven or eight episodes in 2006, I just didn’t get them posted during that calendar year. Like if ep 119 had been posted one day later, it would have been posted in 2006.

  3. OMG, you should have seen me right before TD aired! You know that I wrote a novel, and in ten years I only let two people (one whom I *paid*) look at it besides me? When I started writing TD, it was just for the personal entertainment of my friend , and then I realized I had to stop posting it in the comments section of her LJ ’cause it was getting too long so she built me a comm to put it in. I told only a few good friends on my flist about it. Then a stranger stumbled across it. I was so embarassed!
    Crimsonsenya kept bugging to post about Orlon Window in . I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. So she did it for me, shortly after 106, “Blood” went up.
    Posting it and having people read it has been a real confidence-booster (most of the time, anyway! LOL) for my writing.

  4. Well, I’m glad you ultimately opened up TD to be viewable to everyone, because it rules. 🙂
    I forgot, did I ever tell you how much Angel calling Connor “his Shanshu” made me squee? Because I squeed. Oh boy, did I squee.

  5. I never liked the whole signing away of the Shanshu prophecy either. The way I always got around it was that the Black Thorn was just plain wrong and that Angel was just humoring him, because how the hell can you sign away a prophecy? Then anyone could just sign away any prophecy that they didn’t like. Rubbish.
    Oh and I totally agreed with your thoughts about Gunn too. It’s too bad, if they had written him better I think he would have been a really cool character. As it was, I always felt confused about what his motivations were supposed to be.

  6. Oh, Angel humoring the Circle? *Totally*. They were convinced he would only do good for a reward, so by making them think he was signing away that reward, he convinced them he’d given up the good fight.
    Evil people. Stupid. Sheesh.

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