What counts as new canon?

I’ve been puzzling over additions to the Buffyverse canon post-TV. There is a lot of Buffyverse stuff out there. I’m dismissing the novels as fan fic some people get paid for (i.e., non-canon). If they make a movie with any of the actors in it reprising their original roles, I assume that will be canon.

But what about the comics? Which are canon? Which are not? It would be cool to, at some point, expand ATPo to include canonical works, but I don’t want to bother if isn’t canon.

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Goblet of Fire

Want to know what my pet peeve is? When a bunch of icons featuring actors walking down a red carpet are (mis)represented as “Goblet of Fire” icons. Who gives a fig about the actors? OK, I guess we wouldn’t have the movies without the actors and their fine acting, but I’ve never been a celebrity ogler.

For me, it’s all about the story, and in the case of TV/film, the realizing of that story in picture and sound. So enough of my whining about how I can’t find a *single* icon of GoB spoilers