About Nancy

You can take the girl out of the university, but you can’t take the university out of the girl. Nancy spent her twenties as a student of psychology, philosophy, and computer science until the University of California Davis, in its wisdom, kicked her out with a PhD in philosophy. She taught history and philosophy of science at Concordia University in Montreal and the University of Nebraska, Omaha, then left academia to pursue her passion for story-telling.nancyeshaffer1

…And talking about stories.

Nancy enjoys using philosophy as a lens to understand the layers of a story well-told. Her fan website, All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire and Angel the Series, remains a popular resource for fans of those television shows. You can read her philosophical reflections on a variety of science fiction and fantasy stories in her blog.

Nancy’s first love, however, is writing fiction. Academia left its indelible stamp here as well, inspiring both settings and characters—from a neuroscience graduate student with a chip on her shoulder to an assistant professor of archeology who does excavations beneath the streets of San Francisco.

While her first novel, Dis/inhibition, turns a state university lab into an emotional crucible for exploring the complex relationship between a young neuroscientist and her mentor, Nancy considers herself first and foremost a science fiction writer. Her new series, The Library of Forever, follows the adventures of Tricia Segawa, a graduate school dropout  recruited to be the next caretaker of a mysterious alien library. Her quest to uncover the origins of the library and to find a way to allow it to fulfill its mandate takes her on an awe-inspiring and danger-filled journey across the Milky Way galaxy.

Nancy is a California native with “an East Coast personality” (according to her friends, anyway, which apparently means she’s intellectual and a little high-strung). She currently resides in Tempe, Arizona, where she writes software by day and novels by night.

nancyeshaffer2 nancyeshaffer1 disinhibition_cover

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