Red and Green

Green Mars (Mars Trilogy, #2)Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s said that you can know a lot about a few things, or a little about a lot of things. Well, Kim Stanley Robinson is one of those rare people who knows A LOT about a lot of things. He can shift from any science to engineering to politics to deep psychology to philosophy in a few sentences. And string words together like poetry. IMO, Red Mars is a work of astonishing genius. Probably there are many readers out there who believe this man really has more of an astonishing ability to ramble, and that’s certainly true of Green Mars. The plot is less tight and the characters become stale.

It’s been years since I read these books, and thought Red Mars was clear in my mind, as I re-read Green Mars, it was like I could barely remember it. I may not have actually gotten through the entire thing the first time around. Let’s hear it for audiobooks.

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