In my day, we called it “Star Wars”

It’s playing! It’s playing on my DVD player! Episode IV!!! DVD-quality!

Shit, now I need a wide-screen TV.

Well, more than a 13-inch screen, at any rate.


And stereo. I seriously need stereo.

Hmm…I donno, this seems weird. Like the sound track was re-done. I hope this *is* the original trilogy. Guess we’ll find out when we get to the Cantina!

Hell, yes!!!!

Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first!

*dances the dance of Star Wars geeker joy*

I’m off to go smooch up my supplier now!!!1!

Reason #1 to love Star Wars:

Image hosted by

The damsel in distress carries a really big gun.
And she saves the heroes’ asses.

Full geek mode, with icon request

When I do something, I don’t do it small. It’s a thing with me. I’m determined to change my mind about the Star Wars prequels to the fullest extent I can–not just so I can so I can squeeze every moment of appreciation out of Revenge of the Sith when I do see it (which I haven’t yet so keep yer stinky spoilers to yourselves, flist-oids!)–but so I can geek the whole gorram series.

“Geeking” includes:

– Reading the arrogantly assuming but still informative analyses of Lard Biscuit;
– Reading the prequel novelizations (and yes, they *do* help give background I didn’t understand before, especially after reading Lard-ass Biscuit);
– Reading the prequel-prequel tie-in novel “Cloak of Deception”. And no, I usually don’t read that drivel. I stopped reading “published fan fic” a LONG time ago (like Star Trek:TOS long time ago) when I realized it could be contradicted by the actual TV shows/movies. But it was a recommendation of the elitist and purist Sith Lard Biscuit to help understand the politics of the first two prequel movies;
– watching the prequels I and II a few more times (“The Phantom Menace” actually goes down really good with the sound turned off and the closed captioning turned on. Just not having to hear Jar-Jar squeal every five seconds takes a large amount of the ick off);
– watching the “Clone Wars” cartoon series to fill in the gaps between Episodes II and III;
– watching the “original” trilogy (folks like me who saw the original movies as teens/early twenty-somethings just refer to these movies as “the Movies”. Everything else is “the prequels to the Movies”).

– and through all of the above, arrive at an Masquerade-esque encyclopedic knowledge of this universe that will allow me to do the aforementioned enjoying it to its fullest.

And I must say that the Movies do gain more depth with the prequels filling in the details (which is what they were *supposed* to do, so, yeah them). If you can look past or wank the little contradictions (“well, obviously someone erased poor C3P0’s memory banks”), you notice interesting subtleties, like, how the actor who plays Anakin Skywalker manages to walk just like the actor who played Darth Vader. And I thought Hayden Whathisname was just a vapid pretty-boy.

Speaking of the Skywalker boys, anyone who knows me can guess who my Star Wars OTP is turning out to be during this Geek Banquet. I totally want an icon now that has Hayden and Mark Hamill either superimposed or with side-by-side pictures. Not sure what the caption would say, if any, but maybe it’ll just say “Father and Son” or “OTP”. And no, you dirty-minded….It’s Anakin+Luke. Plus sign, people, not slash. Just….eww.

I’d start searching the Star Wars icon LJs for such an icon, but my usual experience with trying to find an icon like that usually ends up with me doing it myself.

Anyone know any good Star Wars Movies and Star Wars Prequels screen shot websites?

That Star Wars thang

So my flist is a-buzz with the Sith this morning, whether it is with praises or rants or expectations. I, too, plan on plunking down the $9.50 I am normally loathed to plunk to see this on the big screen. Star Wars was made for the big screen.

To prep, I’ve been rewatching the first two prequel films, but it didn’t help much. So much of the plot of both those movies is politics, and my brain just naturally tunes out politics. Of course, it might help if I wasn’t answering emails and reading my flist while I’m watching the movies. So I think I’m going to buy the tie-in novels for cheap and see if they don’t clear up what the heck is going on in those two movies.

Prep will also involve seeing the three “sequel” films. I, of course, have them on old, scratchy, home-made video tape. George, keep your paws off your creations. They’re in the can already. Deal with it.

ETA: Actual thinky thoughts on prequel quality in comments.


Why do I write so much? Why do I write so much that I can never finish something in a decent amount of time? I need one of those little word count icons the writers on my flist have so you guys can cheer me on when the word count Goes Down!