I’ve got it all figured out!

Buffy “Season 8” comics.

Joss is writing his own virtual series fan fic!

There, I feel better.

19 thoughts on “I’ve got it all figured out!

  1. He’d better keep the little bits of “canon” from season 5 of Angel . . . like Willow and Kennedy staying together, just to choose and example at random. Yeah, um, random. I’d like to see Faith/Wood, too, while I’m wishing for stuff. But I’m not a shipper, really.

  2. Virtual series fan fic. Joss is creator using a print medium for a virtual series.. fan fic where he is a fan of his own work??
    *head explodes*
    I think Joss is doing a Season 8 only to screw with the fan fict writers.

  3. Only those of us who enjoy fan fic because we like to pretend it’s canon. People who are into writing AUs are fine.

  4. I have to agree. I’m rather fond of Faith/Robin and I’d hate for the pairing to be randomly written out of the story. Ditto Willow/Kennedy. I mean, isn’t it time for these guys to be getting a little happiness and stability? Sure, there’s new challenges to face — but there are only so many romantic train-wrecks I can take before I throw my hands up in despair!

  5. I just think Robin is so good for Faith, and that it was about time she had something good in her life. I just loved their scene on the bus. And as for Kennedy, I think she’s great, and love how that relationship played into the final episode, as well as how the whole thing works with Willow/Tara pretty successfully.

  6. Hmmm…I prefer my Faith slutty with no consequences. Willow and Kennedy I support on principle, but I prefer Willow/Tara.

  7. Yes, but he’ll have to mention Spike, right, because *everybody* loves Spike, and we’ll probably hear about the fate of Angel as well (alive or dead), and that will make TD automatically AU.
    Not to mention…post-Chosen without Faith?
    I’m doomed!

  8. you should see the mental contortions I do to be able to read slash.
    Oh man, you’re right.
    There’s a way out though. We decide he’s writing fanfic for himself. That leaves us open to consider TD the true canon. We don’t have to worry about what people will think, because the rest of fandom will already consider us nuts for being Connor fans in first place.
    I feel better now. 😉

  9. I prefer Willow/Tara too, but alas! Though if we can get Ghost!Anya, maybe we can also get Ghost!Tara?
    I think Faith is the little black dress of Buffyverse and, yeah, she’s a useful character to have single and free, interacting with others in her own sexy way. But I think building a relationship with Robin that is based on trust and maybe even love is the next step for her, and I’d rather have an exploration of that than more Faith on the prowl.
    (Hmm. I don’t have a Faith/Robin icon, so I’ll use my Nikki one.)

  10. Re: you should see the mental contortions I do to be able to read slash.
    Joss is just writing fan fic, like the rest of us, see?

  11. I have no objections to Faith/Robin, except I didn’t see any chemistry there. If I had to ship Faith with a guy, I’d ship Faith/Gunn.

  12. Re: you should see the mental contortions I do to be able to read slash.
    Hah! It just occured to me that Buffy Season 8 would occur at the same time as Angel season 5, which means Angel and Spike would still be alive and Connor would be with the Reillys and without his memories. So there wouldn’t be a contradiction with TD, only a contradiction with Angel Season 5 canon. Which I’ve heard there is.

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