She’s gone!

She left me. *sob*! She packed up and moved to Cuernavaca!

My muse got all offended when I took a break from fiction writing back in April to work on my Angel episode analyses and it’s been two months now and…


Oh, I can write LJ entries and comments, and I managed in extremely painful fashion to put together a wretchedly pathetic personal ad, but fiction is escaping me. I can’t work on my novel for longer than 15 minutes before I abandon it. And the little femslash pr0n I’ve been trying to write for the cracktrailer is just the uber!suck, and not in the fun way. And here I thought it would be just the thing to provide me some frothy, no-stress wordsmithing. And entertainment.

I’m hoping the Season 6 fic will kick me into gear, ’cause summer is always my writing marathon season, and this year… *sob*!!

Plus, I have a pulled muscle or something in my shoulder that gives me stabbing pains every time I take a deep breath. I hate that! I think I slept on it wrong.

Tossing and turning and pining for my lost muse….

Please, can any one think of something that will inspire me??