The Destroyer

You can’t quarantine the past

This Angel: the Series spinoff series based on the character of Angel’s son Connor begins five months after the events of “Not Fade Away” and follows the adventures of Connor as he attempts to get on with his life after the return of his old memories. In “Not Fade Away”, Connor insisted that the memories of his actual life were no more real to him than a dream, and that he didn’t “want to make a thing” of his actual past.

But as he will discover, it’s not so easy to bury real memories beneath fake ones, or deny the heritage he was born to, or escape destinies that run as deep as blood.

So polish your axes and join us fighting the demons without and the demons within… The Destroyer.

“[Masquerade’s] grasp of image is beautiful and that makes the script format work…. I’m really impressed, and excited.”
—Plant City, Florida

“I am absolutely blown away by [her] talent. This is better than the majority of shows on TV.”
—London, UK

“[G]reat job weaving different strands of mythology together.”
—Columbus, Ohio

“I cannot believe how well [she has] this character down. …[F]antastic work. Thought provoking, detailed, nuanced—a joy to read.”
—Alexandria, Virginia

“[D]elicious. Dark and shiny and unpredictable.”
—New York, New York

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