Writing blurb

I just got back from my monthly free-writing class. I feel crappy because I didn’t share anything with the rest of the group, even though I eventually wanted to. I always tell myself that I don’t have to share if I don’t want to, because that loosens me up, allows me to write more freely. If I know I have to share ahead of time, I end up writing nothing at all. Or I write funny or goofy things that are purely for entertainment value. I don’t write “where my energy is”, I don’t write where my heart is that day.

Today I did manage to eek out a few interesting little blurbs. The first I wrote at the very last second, after wasting 10 minutes of a 15-minute free write session getting no where. It was swift and cryptic, so I didn’t share it.

The second blurb was in response to a free-writing prompt where we had to write about a memory. The teacher gave us several common experiences in life, like “A hangover”, “kissing”, “unexpected news”, “a costume”, etc. We had to write down memories we had around those events and then, after we made a list of memories, let one of those memories “pick us” and write about it. I immediately was drawn to a memory I had of kissing. We were supposed to make our lists of memories, then take a coffee break, then come back and write. I just wrote right through the break. That’s what it means to write where your energy is.

I wanted to share this one with the others, but the two women on either side of me read their blurbs, also about kissing, and mine seemed redundant. So I didn’t. And now I feel bad. So I’m putting this blurb in here.

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The latest meme sweeping the country… er, world

Ganked from londonkds

http://www.masquerade.com: Posting board site with a variety of themed “rooms” where you must post as a character, rather than yourself.

http://www.masquerade.org: Role-playing game site about the fictional “Masquerade, New Mexico” where vampires, werewolves, magi, etc roam. Sounds like a southwestern BtVS.

http://www.masquerade.edu: Doesn’t exist. Grab it up while you can!

http://www.masquerade.net: Home site for the New Monterey Business Association, “A Community of Businesses United to Achieve the Common Goals of Economic Vitality, and to Reaffirm the Spirit of New Monterey.”

Why could anything so dull get such an interesting domain name?

http://www.masquerade.co.uk: Apparently exists and is in reserve by someone, or my browser just won’t show me what’s there.

I feel like I should bow or have honor or something – Highlander S. 3 DVD review

I don’t know why it is I feel I need to do reviews of Highlander DVD sets and not, for example, Buffy or Angel. I love these shows equally. Maybe it’s just that I figure most of my friends are already familiar with Buffy/Angel and my feelings about it. But I love DSN just as much as these others, and I don’t have a lot of DSN fans on my friends list, but I don’t feel the need to review those, either. Hmm.

Maybe there’s just something special about Highlander. It has that hidden world of fantasy in the midst of the real world, it had a basic moral message of honor and decency, it had strong female characters (and great characters in general!), it had fun flashbacks.

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