Making a Psychopath

Making a Psychopath: My Journey into Seven Dangerous MindsMaking a Psychopath: My Journey into Seven Dangerous Minds by Mark Freestone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had this on audible pre-order for months, which doesn’t mean much in itself, yet at the same time builds up a lot of expectation. Which is why the book came across as rather lackluster–because of my expectations, not because of what the author themselves was trying to do, which I think is important. We need to get rid of a one-size-fits-all diagnosis when it comes to psychopathy, if we are ever to understand people painted with that brush, or, as the author argues, really try to cure this so-called “incurable” condition.

But the book kind of went by very fast, and felt like a light sampler instead of an eight-course meal with depth. I hate using food metaphors because those human beings and their plight are not there for my consumption, but I use the metaphors I have. This is an overview thesis, the start of an argument, examples of a case to be made rather than the case itself.

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