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I’ve got it all figured out!

7 Dec

Buffy “Season 8” comics.

Joss is writing his own virtual series fan fic!

There, I feel better.

Un-Nano, day 2

1 Dec

Words at start: 19,395
Words slain: 1259
Total words: 18,136
Goal: 5000
Percentage: 25.2%

Didn’t have a lot of time for writing today, so I still have a ways to go with cleaning up TD 204. I always say, “A day without fiction is like a day with too much sunshine.” Icky, in other words. But I’ve set aside the next two days for fictioning. None of that annoying socializing to get in the way.

But tired, tired now. I’m hitting the hay.

Today’s bitca-and-moan

1 Dec

fantasy worlds: where the f***?