Just got done another marathon viewing of Angel Season 4. Minus Home. I’ll get to Home again when I have my friends holding my hand. But the research, the research was important. Needed the Big Picture. So many thoughts. Reviews to do, fics to write.

Speaking of fics, finally has a table of contents. I always forget how hard LJ is to navigate, even if you’re familiar with it. So here ’tis:

The Destroyer


You know, I don’t read AU fanfic. Of course, I don’t really read much fanfic, period, but I have no taste for AU at all, I’m the original Canon’s Bitch. The original author determines what the story is, and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to keep reading/viewing/etc. That’s how I feel. I even suffered five months of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome after the AtS episode “Home” because that’s how I feel.

But you know what I can’t deal with, and will never be able to deal with so much so it just simply never happened?

Season 5 Highlander ending spoilers