L Word 2.2 thoughts

No particular thoughts on this episode, just a general thought. You don’t know what you’re missing until you suddenly have it. A show about lesbians. A show about people like me. Well, sort of like me. None of them are quite like me, nor does my “lesbian lifestyle”–whatever the heck that is–resemble theirs, the places they go, the people they meet, whatever, it’s a soap opera. How many of you live like “Sex and the City”?

My point is, they talk about the kinds of things my friends and I talk about, the writers of the show know the customs and quirks of the natives, and that’s what you never see on television, ever–except on the L Word. And that’s…different. And kind of cool.

Plus: Idyllwild. My favorite place in the universe.

ETA: L Word season 2 spoilers in comments!