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Writing questionnaire

25 Mar

My old writing coach is writing a book about writing and “voice.” She has a chapter she is currently working on about “the storytelling impulse as an element of voice.” She sent her current and former students/clients a questionnaire. I just sent my answers off to her, and thought I’d put them in here as well for posterity’s sake.

why fiction and how

Nice things

21 Mar

I was peeking through the referring URLs to ATPo this morning and found this link:

Which has nice things to say about the site, the board, and Angel Season 6.

Conversation at the Masqdom

19 Mar

Masq’s Brain: So I had a thought.

Hands: Oh-oh. You know what happens when she has thoughts.

Big Toe: Essays are conceived. Fic is written! Empires are forged!!

Nether-regions: And we most decidedly don’t–

Masq’s Brain: My thought is, drabbles.

Hands: Drabbles?

Masq’s Brain: Original fic drabbles.

Hands: I don’t do *sniff* drabbles. I write EPICS.

Masq’s Brain: This is in service of epics! Idea-mongering!

Big Toe: Tell us your plan!

Masq’s Brain: Thirty O.F. drabbles in thirty days. NaDraWriMo. If ann1962 can do poetry, we can do drabbles. All we need is some decent writing prompts.

Hands: Welll…..

Masq’s Brain: They could be about anything. Any characters, any mythologies or worlds I can dream up. And they can suck! As long as we’re writing original fic.

Big Toe: Yay!

Nether-regions (to Toe): Oh, go exercise or something.

Masq’s Brain: And we wouldn’t have to share them with our friends unless we–

Big Toe: Can’t resist showing off! Yay!

Hands: I suppose I’ll have to do the actual work. *Sigh* And after cleaning and redecorating your apartment all weekend!

Nether-regions: Looks spiffy, though. Like a real person lives here, and not an oblivious armchair potato.

Masq: So it’s a plan, then. Along with Angel 6.16, 6.17, and TD 2.01…..

Hands: *faint*