Heaven and Hell: the VK-a-thon continues

I am the bestest, bravest LJ friend ever. Make a note of it. I watch Vincent Kartheiser movies so you don’t have to.

The Vincent Kartheiser-a-thon continues with “Heaven Sent” and “Ricky 6”.

I decided to watch “Heaven Sent” first. I figured if Heaven Sent was as bad as I’d heard, then “Ricky 6” (which I’d heard was a scary gore flick) would come across as rather refreshing. Believe me, that was, this wasn’t, and it worked.


Angel, Season 1 eps 1-10

So my marathon see-every-episode-Angel-was-ever-in thing has finally left the world of BtVS and entered AtS.

Back in May, I had the thought of going back and reviewing all the AtS episodes I hadn’t yet reviewed in my LJ, but whoever told me that it would be boring to review old episodes that everyone’s seen long ago was probably right (dherblay?). So I’m just going to give general impressions on what I’ve watched so far, which is everything up to the middle of “Parting Gifts”. In short, all the Doyle episodes and the first appearance of Wesley.

Doyle and Wesley


A muse has come to bless my keyboard again with words… no, not my old muse. She’s still in Cuernavaca, the filthy harlot. A new muse… or two. That’s all I’ll say. Don’t want to jinx the flow!

Oh, I just *know* I’m jinxing it by even saying anything!

Muses are just so f*cking high-maintenance and over-sensitive.