So I finished NaDraWriMo–30 drabbles in 30 days. A few days (2, 3?) I did none, so a few days I did two, all exactly 100 words, no more, no less. It was a discipline, like haiku.

A very painful discipline. I’m glad it’s over. For someone who can belt out a couple thou words in a day when she’s on a roll (like yesterday with AtS 6.16), I had more trouble coming up with a mere 100.

The results were pretty good, I think, especially when I ditched the prompts I was using and just started fiddling with this old story I started back in ’99. Remember those days, before there was an ATPo to distract me? I’m just playing with the old story, writing bits and pieces, and letting those bits and pieces reflect the mood of the day. This isn’t anything that’s going anywhere. Just me writing words that aren’t fan fic.

I’ll post highlights later. I’m knackered today and want to play.


What *is* it with all those “How-to” books on writing Fantasy assuming that you want to create an all-encompassing Medieval world? Isn’t “Buffy” fantasy? Isn’t “Harry Potter” fantasy? Both of those happen in the contemporary, “real” world? Where are the books that help you structure a fantasy story that takes place in the here and now? That gives you info on magic, the occult, mythological creatures, etc.?