Truth & Consequences: The VK-a-thon continues

Oh, hey! Check it out…I just popped my Netflix DVD into the player this a.m., and it’s the VK episode of ER! My ancient reruns television motif always brings up something interesting.

Fucked-up Vinnie: He’s broody and sensitive, a tormented artist. He eats his own paints, and he does drugs! I take it back. *This* is his *real* screen test for AtS!

Brat Quotient: 5/10. He’s actually kind of sweet. He loses points for being high-maintenance at the end, refusing out-patient detox when the cute med student can’t get him into in-patient detox.

The hair: Of course he has greasy hair and is yakking all over himself! He doesn’t need to be an emergency room patient to do that!

Bottom line: I didn’t rent season 6 of ER just to see Vinnie, but I was looking forward to his appearance. It was better than I expected, too, in terms of screen time and characterization. Vintage Vinnie.

15 thoughts on “Truth & Consequences: The VK-a-thon continues

  1. I still think he looks adorable. He’s very pretty in the linked pic too.
    I think he actually looks his scariest when in Origin he just got his memory back, and he’s got this *look* on his face just before he’s about to kill Sahjahn. It’s the combination of psycho look and preppy look that was very…strange.
    I can’t Netflix Ricky 6. Waahh.

  2. Do you live in the US or Canada? I could make a copy of my Ricky 6 VHS tape for you. I bought it off E-Bay and it’s not a great copy to begin with (it has the movie editor’s time clock at the bottom throughout), but it’s a must-have for a VK fan.

  3. I sent a copy of the Ricky 6 tape to my friend , and she took it down to the rec center she was working at it watch the movie.

  4. I liked him in that ER episode I could see him basically coming off Another Day in paradise so making it just a little lighter and going into Crime and Punishment in suburbia due to the hair being a little darker ha ha. However, yes I could so see this being the screen test for ATS they probably watched it first called his agent and wanted him to play the part. I liked him an ER and from what I know most druggies are moody so if he didn’t get in patient than he doesn’t want it at all. So sad he’s a cutie though that’s for sure and I was suprised too that he got that screen time plus he got to act with Alan Alda which was cool too.. okay I’m done with my rant haha.

  5. I know, I had a ::geek:: moment during the VK – Alan Alda scene.
    “You weren’t in the explosion?”
    “No. I just puked.”

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