In my day, we called it “Star Wars”

It’s playing! It’s playing on my DVD player! Episode IV!!! DVD-quality!

Shit, now I need a wide-screen TV.

Well, more than a 13-inch screen, at any rate.


And stereo. I seriously need stereo.

Hmm…I donno, this seems weird. Like the sound track was re-done. I hope this *is* the original trilogy. Guess we’ll find out when we get to the Cantina!

Hell, yes!!!!

Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first! Han shot first, Han shot first!

*dances the dance of Star Wars geeker joy*

I’m off to go smooch up my supplier now!!!1!

Reason #1 to love Star Wars:

Image hosted by

The damsel in distress carries a really big gun.
And she saves the heroes’ asses.

15 thoughts on “In my day, we called it “Star Wars”

  1. I have it on VHS that I taped off the television (with commercials). I never bothered to buy the official VHS, and then it was too late. George meddled and the price of original VHS shot through the roof.
    But now I have them!!1!

  2. Re: Han Shot First!
    I have no idea, but it was at least a decade or more before the meddling. Possibly a couple decades before the meddling.
    It’s just–who has the machinery to *play* laser discs anymore?

  3. Re: Han Shot First!
    I have them on VHS, but I’m pretty sure they are the “enhanced” version. Haven’t watched them for awhile. Darn George and his need to tinker..

  4. Re: Han Shot First!
    What do you mean by the enhanced version? Was there some meddling before the DVD versions came out?

  5. LOL It’s so nice to see you all excited and happy! It is mostly the same (I think if that is the version I’ve seen) with some minor new touches here & there, some new blinking lights etc.

  6. Hee! Oh, I’m a big Star Wars geek from way back!
    Did you see my note about Yahoo Messenger? I have it up a lot, even if I’m invisible, so it alerts me about mail.

  7. LOL! I had exactly the same response upon watching my taped version
    of Episode IV Star Wars in Hilton Head – I think I scared my mother. I leapt up and said – “see? HAN SHOT FIRST!” My mother looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. So I explained. She still looked confused. I tried again. I gave up after she wondered what it would look like if Lucas put Christianson in the final scenes of Return of the Jedi.

  8. Re: Han Shot First!
    Yep. The first Special Edition – had enhanced special effects. Also they letterboxed it on the VHS. But the first Special Edition was released in theaters around 1997/98 – way before the DVDs came out or were available. And it’s what someone below described – nothing major just cleaner special effects. The letterbox edition premiered sometime in 1994.

  9. Re: Han Shot First!
    I have an edition that’s definitely wide-screen, which is why it looks so *tiny* on my 13-inch television. Also, it has some “extras” and has a navigating menu rather like a DVD. But it’s definitely pre-plot meddling.

  10. Hummm…
    I suddenly feel the need to make an icon which shows a picture of a laserdisc with the words:
    “DVD lives because of thee”
    or somesuch.
    Gotta work on that…

  11. Re: Hummm…
    I get that now. I have a DVD-R copy of a laser disc, and when I popped it in my DVD player, I about had a panic. It seemed just like a regular DVD, with attractive graphics, and a menu I could hop around on to Play the episode, get the audio commentary, view the extras, etc. And the movies are even in wide-screen.
    I was panicked because I thought, “This IS a DVD! Which means I got George Lucas’ meddled-with version!”
    I was relieved to discover it was indeed what I asked for, the laser disc version on DVD-R.

  12. Dorky, is what it would look like, considering Darth Vader died when he was 50 years old, not 20 (while Obi Wan and Yoda look like their elderly selves).
    But I can live with that change, it’s merely cosmetic, not plot-effecting.

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