Fangrrl squee!

Finally, a year worthy of the fangirl squee!

Star Wars Episode III!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

New Harry Potter book!!1!

ATPo Meet in NYC!!

Oh yeah, and there’s something called “Serenity” coming out at the end of the summer that my flist is ga-ga for.

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43 thoughts on “Fangrrl squee!

  1. Rupert Grint is starting to resemble the actors who play his twin brothers more and more. I think it’s the hair.

  2. thanks for the picture and torturing me with a trailer I can’t download. I’ll get you back for this 🙂 wonder if I can sneak it at school….
    I’ve been so disappointed with the last two Star Wars movie but I’m still looking forward to this one. Hayden could make me go to the darkside in a heart beat.

  3. I hear this one is better. But even if it’s not, I have to have the whole story. I’m a story nut that way.

  4. As much as I love Depp, I’m a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory purist. I have the original movie on tape, and I read the book. Remakes wig me, dude.

  5. Oh, and Batman? Remade so many times now I get even more wigged at the idea of a new one.

  6. I hear you. But I respect both directors, so I’m waiting to see their vision. Its the same with cover songs, some good, some bad, some add a whole new flavour to an old favourite. The proof is in the chocolate pudding, and I’ve never been known to turn down chocolate pudding. 🙂

  7. Star Wars review; the non-spoilery short version
    Just Saw Episode III
    You’ll see the movie because you have to, and you’ll see the movie because it’s a great movie. I’m sitting in Starbucks across from the Fox theater here in LA, just hoping they’ll squeeze us in to seeing it again tonight. Here’s a few quick thoughts.
    One would think using a urinal next to Jack Black would be a highlight for any trip to LA. Not so when you’re seeing Revenge of the Sith. Episode III will not disappoint, I promise you. Epic battles, dark images and the birth of Darth Vader all lead us into a final 5 minutes that you will not soon forget. The film takes a dark turn – almost changing tone completely – about half way through. It never turns back.
    Tonight you’ll get 3 reviews from the LA screening, one from me and two from my fiends that came along for the ride. Other staff from TFN are writing reviews, so expect lots of perspective on the final Star Wars movie of all time later tonight.
    The circle is now complete.

  8. And a mass-murderer.
    And yet good old Padme is completely blinded by hormones or something.

  9. Yeah, she could give Cordelia a run for her money –
    “Oh, look at you, baby. I remember when you were actually a *baby*. Come to Mama!”

  10. Maaaaasq, you’re not trying to say that Star Wars is more important and/or better than Serenity are you? Because that makes me sad.

  11. no kidding. I didn’t save last night (why? because I’m stupid) and it froze up. Now to burn the draft, take it tomorrow with me early and lecture to the kids who come early and let them see how HARD blood could have been

  12. Surely if you’re a real purist, you’d be vitriolic and nasty about the original film as well? Not that I can abide purists, least of all when the purist is myself moaning inevitably on.

  13. I was *much* too young when the original movie came out to understand this whole purist/remake/adapted-to-film politics.
    And besides, I saw the movie before I read the book.

  14. I’m one of those hideous Guarders of the Holy Roald Dahl type people, who, despite the obvious quality of the film version of, say, ‘Matilda’ in several areas, whines on about minor plot differences because of how it spoils the thematic resonances and stuff. People really should just knock me out with a large garden spade.

  15. whines on about minor plot differences because of how it spoils the thematic resonances and stuff.
    As a writer, I can say, that that stuff is *important*, man!

  16. Me three. I now have to watch Episode 2. I have Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones on dvd, but haven’t watched Ep.2 yet. I really, really hated the JarJar character, and it kind of turned me off when I realized he was in the second ep. I am really quite excited about the third movie, it sounds like Lucas may have regained some of his form.
    **Harry Potter Movie** Trailer looks fabulous.
    **ATPO meet** Can’t wait!!!
    **Serenity** brain explodes

  17. Big fan of the 1971 Willy Wonka movie–and yes, I’ve read the original Dahl novel, so nyeh (sticks out tongue at TCH). Gene Wilder had just the right combination of sparkle and weariness, and the songs were amazing. Glad the new version (it’s NOT a remake) won’t be a musical, but Depp concerns me. He’s going for “weirdly eccentric inventor” in the previews, and I just hope I don’t spend the entire movie saying to myself (to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail): “What an eccentric performance.” That said, Burton’s set design looks freak-aliciously tasty.
    EPISODE III: Combination of dread and anticipation. I “warmed up” for the movie by sitting through Return of the Jedi yesterday, and I spent most of the time cringing at the dialogue. There are still some remarkably powerful images (e.g. Darth Vader’s funeral pyre), but Lucas needs somebody to clean up his prose, especially during intimate scenes between characters. Just thinking about the Leia/Han heart-to-heart talks makes me deathly afraid of the Anakin/Padme scenes coming up.
    BATMAN BEGINS: Looks completely and utterly kick-ass. Great concept (Bats, the Early Years). Great director. Excellent lead actor and supporting cast. (Ken Watanabe as Ra’s Al Ghul? PERFECT!) CANNOT WAIT!
    Serenity? Can September get here already? I accidentally found out a major spoiler, and I want to wipe my brain. No really–I could lose the last six months, and it wouldn’t be a tragedy. GAAAAAAAA!

  18. I want to wipe my brain. No really–I could lose the last six months, and it wouldn’t be a tragedy. GAAAAAAAA!
    Could we just selectively remove the spoiler? ‘Cause we really need your brain as is in the Season 6 project.
    These advanced showings make me nervous. I want to sit down and watch the series, which I haven’t seen, so I can go to the movie in September, but the psychology of spoilers dictates that they have a LOT more meaning, the more you know. So maybe I’ll just save my viewing of the DVDs until September. Skipping the spoilers running rampant during this Time of Screenings, and having you guys’ conversations in NYC just pass right over my head.

  19. Put it this way, I was more fond of the Willy Wonka film than a lot of other attempts at translating Dahl to the screen. I think Roald Dahl is my equivalent to the last generation’s Star Wars or the next generation’s Harry Potter- read at such a young age that even minor disturbances irk me, in a way I can see is entirely unobjective.

  20. This happens when you read the original before you see the copies–whether it’s book to screen, or screen to novelization. It’s how purists are born!
    ; )

  21. One of my fondest memories as a child was watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and my favorite episode of that anthology series was the adaptation of “Lamb to the Slaughter” (with a teleplay by Dahl and directed by Hitchcock). Screw Emperor Palpatine–the sheer pleasure of watching that episode turned me to the dark side.

  22. oh, yeah–i’ve been meaning to reply to this for days!
    So I really oughta get around to it, even if by now nobody’ll read it.
    “He’s going for ‘weirdly eccentric inventor’ in the previews”
    Looks worse to me. More like “weirdly eccentric inventor limited to a single facial expression.”
    Sith there’s no way I’m not gonna see SWEpIII, I’m at least not gonna try to go on opening weekend. (What? It’s opening on a Thursday? Why–just ’cause it’s Star Wars, & they can get away w/it?) I’m going w/a friend & her daughter & her daughter’s friends, the next generation being in their early to mid-teens. I’m strenuously suspending my judgment–I’ll letcha know whether the movie or the teen experience is more bearable. (The “sith” pun is me practicing playing w/Elizabethan English in preparation for beta-ing the upcoming S6 ep.)
    “BATMAN BEGINS: Looks completely and utterly kick-ass.”
    Really? OK. I’d pretty much written it off, based on the usual Decline of the Sequels after the original, which I thought was overwrought but otherwise fairly good. Maybe I’ll give it a chance after all.
    “Serenity? Can September get here already? I accidentally found out a major spoiler, and I want to wipe my brain. No really–I could lose the last six months, and it wouldn’t be a tragedy. GAAAAAAAA!”
    Eeesh. Sympathies. Um, maybe hypnosis? Ooh, the cool part would be, then we could spoil you for the S6 episodes you wrote! Can’t agree about wanting September to come yet, though–not till after July 4th!

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