Angel, Season 3 eps 15-18

This review contains 95% less obnoxious Angel+Baby Connor squeeing than the last. I promise. But I just have to start the post by noting their relationship, because of course the episodes “Loyalty” and “Sleep Tight” mark the tragic turn of Season 3, when Angel loses his child in Holtz’s devastating act of eye-for-an-eye vengeance.

So, ahem:


Angel, Season 3 eps 7-9

Oy, I can’t believe my last review was in November, and now it’s March. But what can I say? I got busy. With fanfic. And it’s ironic that, when I got distracted for five months, the next episodes up for review were the first to feature my beloved Unholy Family. Darla shows up at Angel’s door with a “bun in the oven”, and Season 3 finally takes on its shape.

(Warning: spoilers to the end of Season 5 AtS)



I don’t think my muses like each other much. If one story’s going well, I can’t seem to get any work done on the other. I try, but the story won’t flow.

*bangs head*

Right now, baby boy’s being a royal bitch, and his undead sister is, too.

*kicks them*