Finding an illustrator

I have pretty much decided to self-publish my old novel, just to get it out in the world and out of my hair. It’s completely (professionally) edited at this point, and now I need a book cover illustrator, and am not sure where to start to look for one.

Well, actually, I take that back. I started with my gf, and she said she’d help hook me up with someone, but then never did, and at this point, I’m tired of nagging her about it. She’s sort of a flake that way.

I know LJ/DW is overflowing with artists, but I’m not sure where to go to get their attention. I have skimmed Craigslist for locals, but all that sort of makes me nervous.

I have the concept of the cover in my head, I just need someone with more talent than me to pull it off.

12 thoughts on “Finding an illustrator

  1. just closed a round, but I’m sure they’ll be announcing future plans, or those of an affiliated comm, in the near future. There are also artists on Deviant Art who take commissions. I haven’t tried that route myself, though.

  2. Lots of people include the possibility of original art in their offerings. Or they offer fanart for the auction, but when you’re checking out their galleries, you come upon their usual commission rates.

  3. Artists on Deviant Art and Etsy take commissions. I had an Etsy artist design and execute our wedding invitations a few years ago and was thrilled with the results.

  4. I was wondering about Etsy. And Deviant Art has a website as well?
    Are there specific links I can navigate to on either site to get to those artists? There is a lot of confusing stuff on the home page.

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