Original fiction project – week of 1/16/2011

I reached my goal of 9,300 words for the month early this week, then plunged into the task of organizing everything I’ve written since the beginning of November/or salvaged as usable from pre-November. Which is a lot of stuff.

I’m boggling at just how much my story has changed since what I had as of October. Just turning myself over to writing already as I did on Nov 1 has managed to bring so many new ideas I didn’t have before. A top-down idea generator, I am not.

But it’s good to step away and look at what you’ve got every once in a while and figure out what of it you want to expand on for the next writing sprint. That’s in February. Goal: 8,400 words.

7 thoughts on “Original fiction project – week of 1/16/2011

  1. Well, it’s not as thought I have 9,300 new words in my first draft. I think about 20% of this stuff might end up being useful. I sort of have to “write around a story” until it emerges.

  2. I really had to force myself to do it. I could just sit back and do big-picture planning work until the cows come home.

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