ATPo is back up!

The main site and the Existential Scoobies site are back on the interwebs. I decided to finally move on to greener pastures…or is that redder pastures? At any rate:

18 thoughts on “ATPo is back up!

  1. I came over all nostalgic and went to look at ye olde Fanged Four story and got a 404 page not found error for chapters 16 through the end. But you know what? Upon re-reading, the story’s actually kinda great.

  2. That’s beyond my ken…and my barbie…and all my action figures. At least they have a technical support division.

  3. Yeah, it was one of the ones that Sol created and the programming didn’t work on Liq’s server, so I removed a bunch of programming so it would display correctly, and now the other pages link back to the wrong version. I was too lazy to change the link on all those pages.

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