40 years ago today….

I was five. I don’t remember much about it. My memories of lunar landings have to be when I was a few years older. My mother says my dad took my older sister outside to look at the moon. She was unimpressed when she couldn’t see any astronauts on it.

6 thoughts on “40 years ago today….

  1. It was a bit surreal.
    When we were little, kids my age honestly figured someone of our generation would be the first to walk on the moon. Then some ‘old gut’ got to do it. ;o)
    The other day, someone fairly young was blathering on the TV about people knowing where they were when the moonwalk happened. Of course most Americans of that age know. It was in the middle of the freaking night here, and everyone made plans to see it!
    You may know, the live TV picture of the moonwalk came from NASA upside down and the networks did not flip it. It took NASA what seemed a long time to get it right-side up.

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