I love this show. It’s so wonderfully weird.

11 thoughts on “Lost

  1. And from what I just read in TV Guide, about to get even weirder. Also, they have a conclusion written and and end date – so, dare I say it? It’s actually going to have closure? We’ll actually have a novel for TV?
    Like BSG? Cool.
    I love it too. The writers actually have researched time travel and the scientific implications of time travel and time/space disturbances. So when they play with it – they at least have thought it through and aren’t using it as any easy reset button.

  2. I’ve watched four seasons and haven’t seen time travel yet. Unless you count flash-forwards, but that’s a story telling device, not actual time travel in the story itself.

  3. Think this season’s episode with Desmond and Penny, for one.
    And there was a lot this year about the island being out of time, particularly during the trips between the freighter and the island.
    And there are additional theories that when Ben moved the wheel, it moved the island not only in space but in time. And that it’s always out of time, accounting for it being almost completely un-find-able.

  4. I hope you are caught up. I’d also like to hear what you thought about the Eye M Sick blog. Its just so cool to read.
    cannot wait to watch LOST in HD next week.

  5. Certainly there was a minor time shift between the boat and the island (the two being slightly out of sync time-wise), but that’s not the same thing as time travel. As for whether the island was shifted out of time when Ben turned the wheel, that’s a valid possibility. Guess we’ll find out. I was wondering how they would show everything that happened to the people on the island during the time the Oceanic 6 were back in civilization.

  6. I have watched all the way through the end of season 4, but I am rewatching from season 1 again. Despite what some have said, it is very helpful in reminding myself about the different characters, and how certain things got to be the way they are in season 4.

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