Back in SF

Good trip to AZ. Very enjoyable/productive in many ways.

For some reason, this time coming back home on the airport van, I got thrown in with people heading downtown instead of the usual folks from the outer Richmond and Sunset districts. So I got to see the more romantic side of SF–Grace Cathedral, Chinatown, etc. And I’m thinking to myself (not for the first time), “I’d love to write a novel and *set it* in San Francisco.” Once you don’t live in a place anymore, it gets its mystery back.

10 thoughts on “Back in SF

  1. Once you don’t live in a place anymore, it gets its mystery back.
    That’s a good point. I remember walking around Burlington, VT when I was about to move to Boston and thinking that it really was a cute town and that I’d even like to buy one of the paintings of Church Street that were being sold on the sidewalk, just as a momento. But before, I had been bored with living in that town and dying to get away.

  2. Yeah, this morning I felt all touristy and stuff. “I can’t wait to get to my hotel room, then get out and see the sights!!”
    Oh wait, it’s my apartment, and I’ll crash in my chair the minute I get home, and watch TV for the rest of the day while snoozing.

  3. So it turns out cable TV really *is* a vast wasteland. I watched it all week and nothing was on and there wasn’t Christmas as an excuse.
    The early-morning double-feature of AtS season 4 episodes was cool, but that’s what DVDs were invented for…..

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