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10 thoughts on “Dresden Files

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever posted about Dr. Who. Maybe once, when I rented the first disc of the first season of the new series.

  2. The TV show Dresden Files is slowly filling out his world character by character, element by element, and the more it does, the better it gets, IMO.
    I never envisioned Susan Rodriguez as so…blonde, but she’s a feisty risk-taking reporter, and that’s good enough for me.

  3. It’s like they took Murphey and Susan and just randomly decided, “Hey, lets switch their hair color.”
    They did get her feisty, though. Which was cool.
    Still, the episode Storm Front really spelled out the limitations of the forty-minute script versus the novel. They’re working with a whole lot less time and they really have to pare things down a lot. I thought they did pretty well.

  4. Was the plot of this ep based on the plot of the first book? God, it’s been a couple years since I read the first book. I need to get my memory checked.
    Or just re-read them all!

    Yup — same title and everything, Storm Front. They changed the last name, motivation, and family ties, but kept the demon-summoning bit, Morgan suspecting Dresden, and Bianca’s ties to the victims. They added in Ancient Mai — whose part in the series I’m still not fully understanding, since she’s barely in the books, but maybe that’s why — but kept true to the basics of the storyline.
    Yeah, you should re-read them all. I’m finding a ton of clues to later stuff in the earlier books. Butcher has said he has ideas for around twenty Dresden books, and you can see seeds of later stuff in the earlier books if you look hard. It’s a well-constructed world.

  6. Yep, I also need for my brother to send me darned tape he’s been taping off the sci-fi channel so I can watch these episodes more than once. It’s really hard to concentrate on what’s going on when I’m wincing at a window on my computer screen, so I haven’t seen any episode more than once. I don’t catch all the subtleties of a show when I can only watch it once!

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