Yet another reason me and NaNo don’t mix

I wrote too much. I already have a problem with over-writing! NaNo just encouraged it. TD 204 draft 2 has 19,395 words. No matter what criterion I use, I have a lot of work to do to whip this baby into readable shape:

Longest episode length: 15,726 (eliminate 3669 words)
Average episode length: 12,450 (eliminate 6945 words)
Average season 2 episode length: 13,361 (eliminate 6034 words)

I think if I can cut 5000 words, that will be doing good.

Tomorrow, I begin the Un-NaNo. How many words can I cut? Stay tooned!

20 thoughts on “Yet another reason me and NaNo don’t mix

  1. I cut all the time. This is a regular part of my process, if you’ve noticed from my Season 6 episodes. “OMG! I have to cut 3,500 words!” “OMG! It’s too long! I’ll have to make it two episodes instead of one!”
    I’m used to it now, and it even gives me a little thrill to see the word count go down and the quality of the text go up.

  2. OMG! Speaking of which, there *were* some puppies I dumped in multiple files in my TD 207 folder for use later which I didn’t count above…..

  3. I’m bundling up all my NaNo files to submit to their word counter. What are the chances it’ll be a winner, even if it’s in screenplay format?

  4. I thought it’d be more realistic for a college student to be living in a dorm than having his own apartment. Soon, he and Dave will move off campus. Assuming Dave doesn’t run away screaming from the Destroyer before that.

  5. Yeah, that’s true. I forget that not all college students are non-traditional like I was for most of my college career.
    Assuming Dave doesn’t run away screaming from the Destroyer before that.
    Well, not everyone from his ‘normal’ life has to be accepting, right?

  6. He’s actually a very weird person, when you think about it. It’s just that while he was on AtS he was surrounded by other weird people so he came across as rather average. I always thought a realistic scenario, if the Reillys ever found out his true origins, would be them heading for the hills to get away from vampire-boy.

  7. I never thought Connor came across as average on AtS. And yeah, he was definitely weird, though not so much in season 5 since he was magicked into being normal. But now that he’s got his memories back, I could see him only becoming weirder.
    The Reillys ultimately rejecting him for his vampire heritage could be prime angst material. And an excuse to have him realize that Angel is his one, true father and the one who deserves his everlasting loyalty (I like Connor/Angel, can you tell? ;).

  8. You’ll get no argument from me!
    (although I developed a fondness for the Reillys after writing them in TD s. 1)

  9. And personally, I didn’t buy that Connor was actually “normal” in Season 5. I think he was in big-time denial in NFA, and that’s what prompted TD in the first place….

  10. I can certainly buy him being in denial in NFA. I find it easier to buy than the idea of him being perfectly okay after getting his memories back in Origin.
    I guess I mean “functional” more than normal per se. Even NFA Connor, even if in denial, was still a long way from trying to blow up a bunch of people at a mall or killing a virgin. Being able to pretend everything’s fine is unfortunately a necessary skill to have for surviving in the real world, one he seems to have finally acquired.
    Any plans to have him go through a “beige” phase?

  11. Oh yes, he was functional, and he’s still functional, IMO. What the new memories gave him was not a new identity, but new options for behavior. It was like a long round of psychotherapy, IMO. It certainly did not address his deepest issues, but it does allow him to function better in every day life.

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