NaNoWriMo Day 5

Well, I’m off to my friend Gloria’s for dinner and DVD, so that wraps it up for today’s writing.

New words: 2661
Total words: 9379
Goal: 50,000
Percentage: 18.8%


Today’s outlining turned more into adding dialogue to the various scenes. Which makes sense. I don’t know about other people’s fiction, but my fiction, whether it’s in script format or prose, is full of yammering. People talk. Sure, there’s action, but nearly every scene has discussion as well. So much so, that I’ve come to treat dialogue like the “skeleton” of a scene. It’s practically the first thing I write. So it’s like an outline in that way. Got about 1/8th of the way done in each episode with the outlining/dialoguing. So I guess that’ll be the job for tomorrow as well.

I’m glad this coming weekend is a three-day weekend. Hopefully, I can get more writing done then than I did this weekend. Socializing *so* interferes with the writing of fiction!

14 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 5

  1. Three day weekend?! No! I hate those. See, that’s precisely why November is a terrible month for writing. We’ve got two of the buggers. I don’t get the “holiday” off, and have to work double shifts both before and after it, because the gorram bank’s closed and that messes everything up. This was just a normal weekend and I went from being ahead of the game to behind . . . and this without a social life. Good thing I don’t have one of those, huh?
    Your fic looks good. Faith rocks.

  2. I love three-day weekends! And better yet, four-day weekends! Lots of writing will commence!
    I am ever so slightly ahead of the game, which is good, because I get less done during the week when I have to work and commute.

  3. You’re an outgoing introvert. They’re not the same thing. I know shy extroverts as well. Makes sense to me!
    And I know how dating is. *Oy* *oy* *Oy*

  4. So you’re behind on NaNo and you *don’t* want the day off?
    No, you’re behind at work. Your NaNo numbers look good.

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