I get mail

OK, this was interesting:


Hello there, Masquerade, my name is Eric and I just want to tell you that I recently got into “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and I must say it certainly makes you want to pursue it more! I particulary like episode “The Witch” when we find out the real reason why Amy was not acting like her usual self….because she WASN’T her usual self! She was trapped inside her mother’s body! Some kind of weird witchcraft spell, from what I understand.

Anyway, I was actually referred to your website long before my recent Buffy interest. Specifically, I was referred to it via another website, which does an in-depth study of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The webmaster’s name is Vicky, and in the introduction of her site (where she says “Read This First”), she specifies that your website inspired her to do an analytical overview on the Ninja Turtles cartoon (containing a hyperlink to it as well.) And the funny thing is, I was so impressed with Vicky’s assessment (or “dissection”, as she calls it) of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon that I thought it would be cool to do one of my own, but on a different program. So after thinking it over (and noticining some occasional parallels here and there), I decided to do one of my own on “Gilligan’s Island”. Not only that, but I referred my Internet buddy, Sara, to Vicky’s site as well, and it inspired her to do an in-depth study of HER own on the old sitcom “The Brady Bunch”. Even my two roommates, Jim and Ari (short for “Ariel”), were fascinated by it as well, and that’s why Jim is doing one on “Digimon” and Ari is doing one on “Dragonball Z”. And finally, my friend, Greg, is doing one on the “Law and Order” series. So, you see, you’ve been a true source of inspiration for a lot of people! Here we have the Buffyverse, the Turtleverse, the Islandverse, the Bradyverse, the Digiverse, the Dragonverse, and the Lawverse!

so you see, Masquerade, while it may be true that Vicky’s website was a more direct source of inspiration for me (for one thing, I was already familiar with the Ninja Turtles cartoon at the time I came across it, but had never seen the Buffy or Angel series), it was you that started it all. That’s the purpose of this email….to inform you of the chain reaction your website has produced! Keep up the good work!

30 thoughts on “I get mail

  1. I’m not sure if I believe it, though. Doing in-depth analyses of TV show episodes is a lot of work, and some of those shows have a LOT of episodes….

  2. Re: Spreading influence
    That was sort of my reaction as well. I’m all for philosophical analyses of television shows, but most of the examples here are a bit…wtf?

  3. This makes you a Muse!
    You are hereby dubbed καθαρός, goddess of the net. (Unfortunately, babelfish does not tell us how that is pronounced, lol.)
    Some of those shows might be hard to mine, however. Although I do think that Jan’s loss of her diary in The Brady Bunch was an metaphor for her lack of identity and voice as the middle child. 😉

  4. Re: Spreading influence
    I find Lost to be rather self-consciously philosophical and very self-consciously absurd, where “absurd” is less a term of denegration than a philosophical position that stems from the Existentialists.

  5. Yeah, but…”All Things Philosophical on Gilligan’s Island”? “All Things Philosophical on the Brady Bunch”? My brain hurts just contemplating what I’d find on websites like that!

  6. Re: This makes you a Muse!
    It’s pronounced katharos, emphasis on the last syllable.
    How did you get the Greek alphabet? Cool.
    This is pretty cool, Masq. While I doubt that any of the shows named have potential for deep philosophic mining, it’s neat to see how ATPo has influenced the way we see TV.

  7. Hm. This is the kind of message that makes one wonder if someone is pulling one’s leg. Either that, or one asks oneself “Am I a good witch, or a bad witch?” 🙂

  8. At least I’m not the first one to say this, although I still feel bad for saying it– I think you’ve just been dissed, although it was done skillfully enough that the satire could be misinterpreted.
    Did the poster provide any links to these other folks?
    (Hoping I’m wrong here, but…)

  9. No links at all, which is why it’s suspicious.
    If I have been dissed, which I suspect is true just because of the absurdity of the shows he claims have been “analyzed”, then this is a person who puts BtVS and Angel in the same categories as the above shows.
    Which shows how much he doesn’t know!

  10. Partly the list of shows, yes, with the “Law & Order” thrown in to prevent the above assumption at first glance. But for me, it was primarily:
    I particulary like episode “The Witch” when we find out the real reason why Amy was not acting like her usual self….because she WASN’T her usual self! She was trapped inside her mother’s body! Some kind of weird witchcraft spell, from what I understand.
    That comment has a distinct sarcastic tone to it when I read it, esp. the last sentence.
    There is insufficient evidence to really support this presumption, but my guess here is that the writer is either a hard-core science-fiction “fan” who can’t stand anything that isn’t based entirely on known science or logical extensions thereof (and a dreary, literalist gang o’ fun they are!), or someone who sees the growing popularity of these types of programs as “ruining” serious television. (Which then the Law & Order ref could be a clue in that direction.)

  11. Well, and sadly a quick Google search would tend to agree, with not real.
    Although, mind you, if I were a person of infinite time, the Gilligan’s island one might be amusing. The microcosm of society, the numeric significance of three. Not quite sure whether to go with an anti-intelligencia bias (the Prof can’t get them off the island), or a pro-intelligencia bias (the prof can make a radio out of a coconut), perhaps both.
    Hmmm…I read a fanfic recently where the island was near the village from the Prisoner, and that’s why they’re never found. Food for thought. Makes me think of those times when random trolls would spark the board eating philosophical conversations.

  12. What made it difficult to accept this as a troll is that I *never* get trolls emailing me (well, except for a couple of pro-ATPo goofy guys). And real trolls were so few and far between on ATPo. Plus, no trolls in my LJ. I’m just not the “get trolled” type, believe it or not.
    I’m off to go knock on wood now.

  13. The other reason I had difficulty accepting this as a troll is that there *are* a few “spin-off” sites based on mine that really exist, like one an ATPoer did for The Matrix. And I vaguely recall hearing about the Mutant Ninja Turtles one before….

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