Question for Harry Potter fans and Brits

If you were going to go on a ::cough::geek::cough “Harry Potter tour of London”, where would you go (besides King’s Cross Station). I’m thinking book *and* movie versions of HP.

10 thoughts on “Question for Harry Potter fans and Brits

  1. I’ve had a look and there don’t seem to be many locations in London that were used in the films. The major ones are:
    King’s Cross Station and the neighbouring St Pancras station: played King’s Cross in all films
    London Zoo: actually used for the zoo scenes in Philosopher’s Stone.
    Bull’s Head Passage, off Gracechurch Street, City of London: used for Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron exteriors in Philosopher’s Stone
    Shops at the edge of Borough Market, near London Bridge and Southwark Cathedral: Leaky Cauldron exteriors in Prisoner of Azkaban

  2. London only enters into the films at the beginning, assuming Harry has business there. That might change once the 5th film comes out and they need to introduce the Order of the Phoenix, etc. But I wouldn’t mind finding the locations of various shots. I’m doing the same thing in Paris with my Highlander fandom.

  3. I don’t know where it is, but I have a picture of me at the train station they use for when they arrive at Hogwarts, from when I was about 6.
    I’ve been to Hogsmeade, yeah baby!

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