Tahoe pics!


18 thoughts on “Tahoe pics!

  1. (grin) (hug)I am really awful about that, I know. You’ll have to get Sara or Ben to kidnap me, that’s the only thing that seems to work. 😉 Seriously though, I don’t know when I’ve more enjoyed vicarious travel than the last couple of years and reading you guys.. you make it very tempting!
    (my superhero mom icon.. we had fifteen folks in for the graduation and I needed either super speed or the cloning thingy that Multiple Man does.. or maybe just to be Mary Poppins for a day.)

  2. You won’t see the Viking castle or house in my collection. They didn’t come out (too dark). I will link to better ones as soon as they are posted.
    You also won’t see me in my collection (much), since I’m usually behind the camera.

  3. Re: Vikingsholm
    oh i love it. Now, I could see the disappointment in calling it a ‘castle’ then again I’m kinda of used to that nomenclature being used for big homes.

  4. Re: Vikingsholm
    It’s a home, not a castle. There was another structure on the rock island in the middle of the bay that is more castle-like in architecture. When someone posts a pic of that, I’ll link.

  5. Re: Vikingsholm
    Seriously ‘castle’ is the term they use here for big homes, like the show, American Castles . If you told me castle, here in the states I would have expected exactly what you got

  6. Re: Vikingsholm
    Well, its design is a round house of rooms around a central courtyard. Not sure what that signifies.

  7. Re: Vikingsholm
    hmmm interesting. Sometimes what this was for was a place to put the wives and kids during attacks depending on the age of the construction. You’ll see this with forts too, like the one in St. Augustine where the courtyard was used for women and prisoners because it was open to cannon balls. The soldiers stayed safe inside the fort walls

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