Today’s ATPo email

Thoughts? Volunteers? ; )

Dear Buffy Fan:

By way of introducing myself, my name is Jennifer and I’m the production coordinator on an upcoming Canadian television series called FANatical. FANatical is a new television series about the world’s most obsessive television fans.

As the host of the popular Buffy site, I was hoping that you may be able to point me in the direction of the ultimate Buffy Fan. We’re looking for 2-3 fans from Canada and the US. They should be obsessed: have collections, know all the words to any given episode, have their walls covered in posters and pictures, etc.

There exists all levels of fandom out there… but we only want the most passionate, the most serious, and above all the ones who have the most fun with it. We can’t wait to laugh with them and join in their extreme enthusiasm.

I’m also looking on information on festivals, conventions, and other Buffy get togethers- are there any out there you could point me too?

If you have any suggestions as to who might be the most extreme Buffy fan around or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Saull.

41 thoughts on “Today’s ATPo email

  1. I wonder if it’s going to be some crazy reality show. The phrase “We can’t wait to laugh with them…” sounds suspicious.
    ‘Most obsessed’ or extreme fan doesn’t sound exactly like us ATPo vets. I think they really want “Gaawwwd, (choose one) is so kewl!!!!1!1!!” types.

  2. I think they really want “Gaawwwd, (choose one) is so kewl!!!!1!1!!” types.
    Even I’d laugh, mock, and chortle at *that*. ; )

  3. ::chucks more chocolate rocks – beaning hapless, extreme and not very funny US fan of god-knows-what-reality-TV-program::
    ::coolly sips wine::
    ::passes exquisite, Belgian-made rum-and-raisin chocolates purchased in Holland from an Italian owned shop – funnily enough – back to ann::

  4. I think this is how WW1 started
    ::realizes plan worked::
    ::savours rum and raisin chocolates::
    ::thanks SNS::
    ::languidly has another::

  5. Your Intracontinental Chocalastic Missles need an overhaul, sir.
    ; )
    Quick! Memo to the General!

  6. I haven’t watched either network since…OK, I watched VH-1 last Christmas but it was only their 80’s nostalgia show.

  7. It was just a warning shot designed to give your government a chance to spend itself into bankruptcy trying to develop a space-based, star-trekkie type Chocolastic Missile Defence system.
    My gawd…you could just eat them!
    ::beans another trekkie with a chocolate rock::

  8. Re: I think this is how WW1 started
    The Destroyer doesn’t *eat* peas and carrots…unless he wants to!!1!

  9. Did she say what network it was for? If it’s MTV Canada (which I suspect it is) I’d say laughed at is a safe bet. The Space channel would probably be more respectful – nerds are their demographic after all.

  10. I dunno what to think. I’ve sent you an email asking for this woman’s contact info. Dunno if I’ll actually DO anything with it. But seriously… I dunno if they really want to laugh WITH.

  11. It’s for Prime, which is being rebranded TVtropolis and bringing in a bunch of Pop Culture related shows.
    Yeah, I did look it up out of curiosity… And now that I have, I’m totally wary. The blub in the news bits I found: FANatical, which follows a group of obsessive TV fans.
    To me, this sounds like they’re doing a cross between Trekkies and the Real World.

  12. I read your email first, and my first thought was, I don’t want to hand a friend over to this woman if she’s out to find people to laugh *at*.
    I don’t know what that show is after, but others in this thread seem to think she’s fishy.

  13. Mostly, I wanted to find out what was going on, especially since it’s happening in my neck of the woods. But it’s unnecessary now. From my mad investigative skills, I discovered identical emails to the one you got have been sent to a bunch of different fandoms (including, strangely enough, the Golden Girls fandom… Which, I was shocked one even existed). And the press releases I pulled up seriously made it sound like some evil hybrid of Trekkies and the Real World.

  14. He got over all that crying soon enough. It was just the angst of the circumstances of his entry into the world that caused the initial fussiness.
    That, or he’s just naturally angsty.
    *bonks head*
    Well, duh. ; )

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