Nice things

I was peeking through the referring URLs to ATPo this morning and found this link:

Which has nice things to say about the site, the board, and Angel Season 6.

9 thoughts on “Nice things

  1. Interesting that people ‘hate’ the layout of the board. Oh my god, you have to click to read, and horrors you can skip things you know you won’t be interested in within a thread without looking at them? We’re passed the spoiler stage till Joss comes up with something new, but how do you avoid spoilers with an open board? I’m on a more open board on with a bunch of musicians. You can’t have subtopics and if someone is acting trollish in a topic you want to keep up with, you just have to grin and bear it.
    It’s great just about everyone likes your analysis at the main site, though!

  2. I agree about the board layout. I hate the layout of the board where that person’s remarks are for the very reason you state.
    Someone asked me once if I wouldn’t mind changing the options of the Voy board so that if you clicked on a link, you could read its entire sub-thread. That’s possible, but it’s not conducive to a spoiler-marked board.

  3. It says “terrible site layout and style.” I didn’t think he was referring to the discussion board, per se, although the previous poster definitely was…

  4. You know how often I’ve gotten emails from people offering to give my site a face-lift, though? Sheesh.

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