Just got done another marathon viewing of Angel Season 4. Minus Home. I’ll get to Home again when I have my friends holding my hand. But the research, the research was important. Needed the Big Picture. So many thoughts. Reviews to do, fics to write.

Speaking of fics, finally has a table of contents. I always forget how hard LJ is to navigate, even if you’re familiar with it. So here ’tis:

The Destroyer

70 thoughts on “Tableau

  1. I understand the “never really gets warm around here” sentiment. I lived in Victoria (B.C.) for 4 years and Holland for 9.

    Mind you, we’ve had 30 degree plus days with nealry 100% humidity in July. Ugh! That’s one version of hell.

  2. I love warm, cozy 90+ humid days (like they have in the Midwest), as long as I can go inside for a moment or two and cool off.

  3. Agreed. For some reason, cats – who are generally not SOCIAL creatures, FLOCK to me. Not just to me, but on me, in my face, sitting in my lap while I’m reading a newspaper, jumping on my shoulder while I’m trying to type (I worked at home while the boys had kittens – I spent a LOT of time trying to be “free of them”.)

    Pickles and Princess used to sleep with the boys, and so when the boys went to stay with their dad, they thought they should sleep with me! When I shut them out of the bedroom – they FLUNG themselves against the door all nightlong. WHen I let them in, they laid on my face and soffocated me. Silly kittys!!

  4. After I moved out of the house of the girlfriend who stuck me with these cats, I *never* let them in my bedroom at night ever again. That’s why I sleep in a closet in my studio apartment. It seems silly, but cats and beds don’t mix for a light sleeper.

  5. When it was time for the boys to come back (school was starting), and my ex decided to fight me for custody.. I agreed to 50% 50% – if he’d take the cats!!

    That was my ONLY DEMAND. Imagine that.

  6. Little baby Connor has the distinction of staying on my television and in my computer. He doesn’t barf on my carpet, howl all night long, pee on my bed, bug me to be petted every 15 minutes, or leave his hair EVERYWHERE in my house.

  7. Connor has the distinction of staying on my television and in my computer

    Which is to the good since with all those years on Quortoth he very well might barf on you carpet, howl all night long, pee on your bed, but you to be petted every 15 minutes (shades of S4 and Cordy/Connor) and leave that long hair everywhere.

    😉 😉 😉 😉

    Just so you know that I’m having you on!!!!!! Knowing that when it comes to “baby Connor” its strike first and ask questions later!

  8. Ah, Angel talk, me likes me angle talk. Also, on the plus side, I have the day off tomorrow after being on-call all weekend so NO KERFEW!!! I can stay up all night if I want to!

    Party at Masq’s then!

  9. Sure can….as long as it’s got chocolate or citrus – or heck orange/chocolate….and if you bring midnight. There’s some apple trees out back for horse munching. The deer like them, so I’m sure midnight would be fine.

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