Books books books


They’re opening a new branch of the San Francisco Public Library right next door to the building where I work!!!1!


37 thoughts on “Books books books

  1. The Mission Bay branch.

    Can you say “Inter-library loan”???

    ; )

    PS I have both QaF tapes. See you at noon.

  2. I love living in a town that can actually afford to build a new branch (because people support them), rather than being forced to close old ones!

  3. WORD ! I love living in a big city which got so many cultural activities available easily. Not only the public stuff, there’s english libraries and rare movies screening, lots of foreign movies screening, all nightest, random festivals… so many things I’ll probably never will find the time to do them all, but it’s so great.

    Everytime I’m thinking it’s too stressful or annoying living there I pause and consider if I ever could stand to live in a small town without any of those things.

  4. … someday Masq, you’re going to remember that I am Etrangere, aka Anne-Elisa, 23 years old, former student in anthropology, Jewish, bisexual, living with her parents because she’s waiting for a fridge to be delivered at her new appartment, fangirl of Science Fiction and Fantasy in general, and Parisian.

    In the midtime, I’m going to hide someplace and take care of my wounds. Farewell.

    (I’m being tongue in cheek, but really XDD…)

  5. A new library? That’s amazing! Before I could afford stuff I used to use my library all the time, for everything, books, films, music. I love libraries. I hope they have a story corner for kids, ours had a story corner when I was little. Mum used to drop us off and go shopping while we would sit on the floor and listen to volunteers read stories. Great memories.

  6. I started going back to the library for books about two years ago. As I was getting read to move into my new place, I found myself packing boxes full of books I’d bought, some of which I’d never read! I thought, “there are tons of books I’d like to read but not own, and certainly not pay for.”

    So I got myself a library card. I lived near the SF Main Branch at the time and went there a lot. Then I moved and it was less convenient. But NOW, hey! Branch right next door!


  7. Actually, it’s a trip to the UK, but since I start my trip out in London, I thought I’d go a few days early and fly into Paris instead and see the sights and THEN go to London as planned.

    So I was thinking more that I’d need a Parisian tour guide……

    ; )

  8. Public Library – right next door? = Excellent!

    I am a frequent flier at our library, but if it were more convenient I’d be there every day! Weee is right!

  9. *grin* I failed junior year chem reading SF under the desk during class, and have been known, even quite recently, to call in sick because I Partied with a Book all night… of course, my addiction is pretty bad!

  10. LOL! I managed to remain “clean” in high school, and I couldn’t sit still to read anything through most of college, but these last few years, I MAY have had a personal day or two with a book, when the battle finally died down!

    That’s one thing I learned at IBM that they don’t acknowledge in my new world…

    “ENJOY the VALLEYs – they don’t last long!”

  11. Lucky you! Here in NYC they haven’t been closing branches that I know of, but they are cutting back on hours & personnel. And they sure aren’t opening new branches.

    When I was a kid, it seemed like we always lived right near a public library. I grew up at the library the way kids in the ’30s grew up at the movie theater when it was just down the block & cost a nickel. Now my “local” library isn’t very close by, & I tend to go to the library when I’m in other neighborhoods that have branches that are more conveniently located.

  12. Color me surprised that they’re building a new branch in town. But Bay Area people are quirky that way. Home-spun socialists.

    ; )

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