All Things Philosophical reaches 1 million hits

According to my counter, anyway! These aren’t a million separate visitors, but 1 million total hits to the home page of the site (not counting me).


25 thoughts on “All Things Philosophical reaches 1 million hits

  1. Congratulatious!!!
    Wow!! Hey, congrats on your big 1,000,000! *g* That’s so cool, and I’m so glad your site is getting the recognition and visibility it deserves!

  2. Re: Congratulatious!!!
    That’s since sometime in 1999. It’s unclear when the count started because about 30,000 hits were carried over from my old counter, which I can no longer log into to see what date I opened that account. But roughly 1 million hits to the index.html homepage since mid-late 1999.
    And that doesn’t count any of the direct linked hits to the other pages, so….

  3. I think these are hits for just the home page, not the other pages. Many of the regular visitors, I assume, click directly where they want to go. My own bookmark takes me to the “What’s New” page myself.
    ; )

  4. Click, click!!
    Congratulations. It only occurred to me that you could actually see how often we click-click a few months back. Feeling very happy for you (and for me) that you have a site I want to click on so often!

  5. I have a counter at that counts hits to my Home page (the main page of the site). To get info on any other page, I go to the atpobtvs server logs. They give me hit #s to all the other pages of atpo and existential scoobies and the general server info of referring pages, but not the specific place where links to my site might be.

  6. Congratulations! I take credit for some of those clicks, because All Things Philosophical is one of the two sites I visit every single day, (sometimes several times a day). ATPO rocks.

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