And sometimes, I get email like this…

But it’s been a long, long time!


Just a quick note to let you know I think you’ve assembled the most encyclopedic and thought-provoking Buffy/Angel site on the Internet.  It is absolutely wonderful.

Scott McLaren,
Humanities & Religious Studies Librarian,
York University, Toronto, CANADA.



79 thoughts on “And sometimes, I get email like this…

  1. I once had this fantasy that Joss would see my website and give me a bit part playing Buffy’s philosophy professor. Which tells you how long ago *that* fantasy was. ; )

  2. I am constantly amazed by how well-received ATPo has been. It started as a lark, and though I put a lot of effort into it, I have never been the most well-read or knowledgeable philosopher in the world. I keep expecting to get a note from someone saying, “You obviously don’t know the first thing about [philosopher x].”
    But so far, the biggest criticism of my site is, “whoever does it must be a big geek with too much time on his hands.”
    Guilty as charged.

  3. The man speaks true words. Congratulations, Masq! And thank you for giving us all such an amazing place to go to talk about our favourite characters and philosophers in the ‘verse. I think you deserve much wider recognition for your work. (Anyone know Joss’s email? I’d spam him for sure.) Maybe I can just send out psychic vibes… Joss, google ATPO, google ATPO…
    hands you a glass of bubbly

  4. Hey, he’s correct. It is an awesome site. I remember when I first saw it, I basically went all Keanu Reeves and said, “Woah.” And then I said, “Where do I start?” And you site is like a fanfic resource goldmine.

  5. Completely deserved. You should get emails like that everyday. We forget, talking to you daily, what an amazing thing you’ve done. And how much more has grown from it.
    You could quit now and rest on your laurels, and still know you’d done more than most of us even dream of.

  6. Re: Hmmm…
    Random acts of philosophical violence and senseless acts of literature.
    A new sub-title for my journal!!

  7. Wonder if this fellow is going to be watching his Buffy DVD’s on Valentine’s day?
    I know I will!
    OnM, re: ATPo:
    1. Surfed
    2. Found
    3. Still here
    Seriously, approach ED’s agent about TD, eh? Wotta ya have to lose?
    Oh, and yay you!

  8. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s great, esp. after last year! I’m glad your parents have come around (yike! hope I didn’t just jinx that!)…& that you have some funds of your own just in case.

  9. Re: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, I’d have to pay for the trip myself, regardless, but at least my parents are supporting me going. Do you have the link to where cjl was posting about the hotel we’re staying at?
    But, hee! I’m glad to be going 🙂

  10. Re: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I’m trying to get from the Midtown Manhattan Port Authority Terminal to the LaGuardia hotel, would I need to take public transit for that? Or I suppose it’d be safer to take a cab. Is it far?

  11. Re: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldn’t call public transit in NYC unsafe. A little confusing if you’re unfamiliar w/it is all. At least you wouldn’t have to switch trains, which keeps things simple. It’s…medium far, certainly far enough that the cab ride ain’t cheap if you’re on a budget. There are also airport bus services from the major ground transp. centers, like the Port Authority, Penn Station, & Grand Central. But I don’t think they go to hotels, just the airport, so you’d need to take the hotel shuttle or other transp. from there. I know this was covered in 1 of the threads on the Gathering, either on ATPo or in cjl’s LJ (it’s in cjl’s lj, c–I mean, see? OK, OK, lame palindrome, but I had to try). I’ll try to find it when I have a little more time, if somebody doesn’t beat me to it. Also, the link on ATPo’s main page is now active, although at this point it just takes you to the same page as the link Masq posted above.

  12. Re: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hmm. If it’s free, I don’t mind taking the airport bus from the Port Authority to LaGuardia Airport, then transferring to a hotel shuttle to go to the hotel. If you think it can be done, I’d rather ride for free! Do you have any idea if the buses and shuttles run often? (I would imagine so, being New York and a busy area, but I don’t mind waiting if it means a free ride! I don’t want to attempt public transit and end up hopelessly lost!)
    Thanks for the tips so far 🙂

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