Note to self: nix sekrit ambition to become a BNF.

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  1. Really, who needs the headache of putting yourself out there as a target for people to spit on during their rants? It’s much cozier in LNF land.

  2. Ooh! Is there gossip? Kerfuffling? Wanna see!
    Though I have a feeling I do know what you’re talking about – is it in regards to slashy-fun boys and the women who don’t love them? Just a guess.

  3. Actually, it was a general comment on BNF’s and kerfluffles of every stripe. Pick your fandom, pick your fan activity, pick your divisive issue, the phenomenon’s the same.
    ; P

  4. Someone could make an entire Sociology career out of finding the commonalities in kerfluffles between fandoms.

  5. Maybe it’s time for you to get another degree!
    It is kind of fascinating how the same issues come up again and again. Same cycle different names. Human nature can be weird and scary.
    What always gets me is the total lack of perspective people have over these things. Puts me in mind of my doctor brother’s favourite line during his residency, “Calm down, it’s not like it’s life or death. Oh wait.”

  6. I might consider becoming a Sociologist over this phenomenon, but then I’d have to spend all my time reading kerfluffles on the internet, and that just raises my blood pressure and gets me popping anxiety pills.
    Are the kerfluffles more polite in Canada?

  7. Are the kerfluffles more polite in Canada?

    You ask that question having lived in Quebec?
    Also just a couple weeks ago the entire province of Newfoundland was so pissed off about mineral rights’ talks going badly that they yanked down all Canadian flags and started flying some concoction from the 1940s. The feds were all OMG WTF and refused to talk to them until they showed the flag some respect yo. Kerfuffles are indeed everywhere.

  8. That was said with a wink and the tongue firmly in cheek. Quite a few folks in these on-line fandom kerfluffles are canooks.
    ; P)

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