Shakespeare who?

Oh, right, that bloke. I think I read some of his plays in high school. And saw “A Mid-summer Night’s Dream” on stage in Orange County once. And “MacBeth” at the playhouse in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Can you believe my mom and I had to sneak away from our tour group’s planned activities in a cab so we could catch Shakespeare on stage in his home town? Heathens.

Anyway, the point of this post was to SQUEE! because once again Nikki Stafford is including All Things Philosophical in one of her books. Previously, we got a listing in “Bite Me! An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and now we will appear in the soon-to-be-published companion book, “Once Bitten: An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel.” So, SQUEE!!

Oh, and, happy Friday!

update: omgwtf. Nikki wants me to put a link to her publisher on my home page, which I’m perfectly willing to do, but I went to see a thumb-nail photo of the book cover, and who’s on it? Angel, of course, but Angel and Cordelia? No. Angel and Wesley? No. It’s Angel and Spike. He was on the show for 1/5th of its run, and he gets on the cover. Another case of money over merit. *sighs*

32 thoughts on “Shakespeare who?

  1. That is great Masq. We are not surprised of course, quality should be included, but squee anyway!!

    Another thank you from the big wide world for all of the work you have done.

  2. Thanks!

    I’ve just decided I’m a workaholic. Even if it’s all fandom-related stuff, I work away until it’s done.

    Speaking of which, I’ve needed to go through ye ol’ website and fix the spelling errors, grammar, and canon errors for months and I haven’t done it.

    Too tedious, methinks. But eventually. ; )

  3. Thanks! And re: cover – it’s just so blatant what they’re doing, it just *squicks* me. I really, truly, honestly have nothing against the character of Spike, but the way they play up to his inexplicably over-abundant fans, that has always bugged the hell out of me.

  4. I soured in Season 5 of BtVS. And I lost my fondness in “Lover’s Walk”. He just wasn’t the character I liked anymore. Doesn’t make me a “Spike hater”, as some would want to claim (that “if you don’t luv him you must hate him!” stuff is so childish). I think I give him a fair shake on ATPo and in our Season 6 fic. I just don’t care much for domesticated soulless Spike or souled Spike.

  5. To be honest, I prefer evil Spike. And domesticated soulless to souled and yes I’ve been accused of being a Spike hater which is pretty ludicruous if you look at my fic.

    Speaking of my fic, I hope to post another chapter of Hyperion’s Son this weekend if you’re reading that,

  6. Congrats on “All Things Philosophical” being included in another book. You truly deserve it. ATPo is a fantastic page and should be ALL OVER fandom.

    I’m right there with you on the cover thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spike. I’ve always loved Spike, from “School Hard” right up to “Not Fade Away”. He so does not deserve the cover. Spike was in.. What? 24 episodes of “Angel”? One of them he was only in the tag of the episode. If anyone should have been on the cover, I would have gone with Cordelia. As much as I love Wes, I think fans think Cordelia before him when they think of “Angel”.

  7. Well, this just so deserves a humungus squeeeeee! Congratulations, Masq, this is totally deserved. All Things Philosophical has given so much to so many of us fans of Buffy and Angel. Without it, I know this fan’s appreciation of the world of Joss would be greatly diminished.
    Completely agree with you about the cover. I like Spike, but to have him as focus on a cover is just wrong. I think it should be Angel and Cordy and Wesley. They were the core of Angel afterall.

  8. Thanks Jane!

    Maybe I’ll ask Nikki Stafford whose choice it was to put Spike on the cover. ‘Cause I’m betting it wasn’t hers.

  9. Congrats Masq….well deserved.

    As for covers…well, covers about about marketing and not content. Rip it off when / if you buy it; and then burn it. Your soul will love the symbolism of that.

  10. Thanks.

    overs about about marketing and not content.

    duh. Hence the gripe.

    And I would never deface the book, were I to own a copy. ‘Cause that won’t change the world.

  11. Re: Thanks.

    Buy two copies – one to keep and one just to burn the cover. No, it won’t change the way books are marketed…but, come on, there’s got to be a little twinge of satisfaction in seeing that odious cover go up in flames. Not everything has to be world changing, but there IS soul value in making something like this a ritual. Okay…it’s just my thing. I’ll burn the cover for you if I ever buy the book and send the ashes in to the publisher.

    BTW I’ve finished watching Season 7 of Buffy for the first time. I loved the season, but I think I could cry at what they did to Spike. I was bored by his character in that season. I understand their logic, but they might as well have put a stake in his heart. He is so completely Buffy’s man; and if returning to being, symbolically, a “mother’s boy” is psychological evolution…well, as Woody Allen said, “no one survives their parents”. Oooops! Sorry enough of said character…I just had to get that off my chest.

  12. Re: Thanks.

    It’s probably a good thing, then, that Spike was forced to leave mommy again and go live with dad.

    Did I say that? ; )

  13. Wow. Good for you.

    And Spike’s overexposure has bugged me since I saw on the Buffy S3 DVDs, Spike was on one disk – even though he was in a total of one episode that season.

  14. Also, in the season 2 DVD set, Spike image has one disk…and Angel’s none???? This during for the season with Angelus as the Big Bad….the season of Surprise, Innocence and Becoming????

  15. and Giles has had only one disk in S7. Bloody not right.

    Too true, bloody unfair to one of the original four! Let’s create disk covers with Gile’s face and paste them over whomever.

    I think it’s every season from 2 that has had Spike on a disk.

  16. Spike and Angel

    I’m perfectly willing to do, but I went to see a thumb-nail photo of the book cover, and who’s on it? Angel, of course, but Angel and Cordelia? No. Angel and Wesley? No. It’s Angel and Spike. He was on the show for 1/5th of its run, and he gets on the cover. Another case of money over merit. *sighs*

    Hey, on one of my fairly with it days I bitched about the cover over at Buffyology. I like the character of Spike but the cover of Once Bitten pisses me off. I know that it’s someone else who chooses who gets advertising space, but Angel is more than the two guys on the cover of Nikki’s book. Of course I have to admit my favorite character is Wesley, but even Lindsey did more time on Angel than Spike did. I bought the book, or at least ordered it. I shall perhaps cover over the cover and try to forget the ommission of all the characters on Angel. The one bone they threw us, at least Angel is on the cover….;)

    Rufus, still coughing her lungs out in Canada.

  17. Re: Spike and Angel

    VK’s Connor did more time on Angel than Spike did, but I don’t expect to see Connor on the cover (unless it was a full-cast pic).

    No, it should have been Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley.

    *mind boggles*

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