by Charles Sheffield

What would happen to the Earth if Alpha Centauri went supernova? These books are good with the science, but don’t look to them for insights about human nature. Or writing.

Aftermath: So bad. Stiff prose, idiotic characters, and histrionic soap operatics that detracted from the story lines. If you still plan to read this, avoid the audio book version at all costs. I’m pretty sure a good fraction of my impressions come from that atrocious performance.


Starfire: One wonders if the author believes the same delusional fallacy as his character Oliver Guest–that the clone of a person is that same person.

Nature knows the difference. It creates clones all the time. They’re called twins, triplets, excetera.

Guest is a scientist. He’s not the type to believe in reincarnation or the transmigration of souls. Which means he is raising the sisters of all the girls that he murdered. His self-serving delusion is to be expected from a psychotic murderer. The fact that the girls believe it as well is the author’s flippant shrugging off of evil, and it makes the ending of an otherwise interesting sequel completely disturbing.

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