The Science of Skinny

The Science of Skinny: Start Understanding Your Body's Chemistry--and Stop Dieting ForeverThe Science of Skinny: Start Understanding Your Body’s Chemistry–and Stop Dieting Forever by Dee Mccaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like science. Books that explain things to me using basic science (and which cite sources) get my attention. This book is written by a chemist. She may swing a little bit to the “nature is perfect” side (it isn’t), but nature is certainly better than anything the money-driven applied-science food industry has to offer.

So this book makes a very sad kind of sense. Applying the lifestyle changes it suggests will take, well, a lifetime, especially for someone like me who has a severe mental block when I am required to mix more than two ingredients together, and thinks it’s inefficient to spend more time preparing a meal than you spend eating it.


But yeah, not a gimmicky nutrition book.

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