Good Reads

So I’m setting myself up on Good Reads, which is proving more difficult than it should be. ‘Cause there are books

(1) I own, but read so long ago, I don’t remember if I liked them or not,

(2) I think I remember reading, but that was so long ago, I am not sure if I read them, or maybe it was my sister that read them, or my best friend in junior high….

(3) I read during that period of time when I was poor and living in San Francisco and got all my new reads from the library, so I didn’t keep a record of them,

(4) I own, but for the life of me, can’t remember if I read, or if I just bought them intending to read them but haven’t,

(5) I own them, read them, maybe even liked them, but don’t want to admit it,

(6) I’m pretty sure I only saw the movie. But maybe I read the book. Or maybe not. If it’s the former, it’s tough to judge a book by its movie.

(7) I read, I hated… do I dare list it to let everyone know of the hate, or risk giving it the attention it doesn’t deserve?

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