Finished Season 1 of Merlin. This will probably be one I eventually purchase on DVD.

It has lots of things that hit my story kinks: destiny, myth, inborn traits that must be kept as a dangerous secret (wonder where I got that one from), an ugly duckling/Cinderella protagonist, magic, legendary creatures, strong women characters, fabulous medieval décor (I want to redo my living room to look like that castle), and bonus Anthony Head!

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5 thoughts on “Merlin

  1. Merlin has its ups and downs but the current season is excellent (I enjoyed all the seasons though and its the one show everyone in my family watches and enjoys as well). There is one significant storyline that continues to really irritate me – in Season 1 its great but then just gets worse with every passing one. I mostly pretend it doesn’t exist.

  2. I won’t ask what that is, since I’m just starting season 2, but if you have reviews I can go back and look at, that’d be fun.

  3. I find Merlin fandom so uncongenial (it’s madness!) that I resisted writing ep reviews – I spend more time discussing it with my family than on my lj. But would love to hear your thoughts.
    I think you will have similar feelings about the storyline I don’t like but whether it spoils the enjoyment of the rest of the show is debateable. It’s still the only show I look forward to watching apart from Doctor Who

  4. I know that is a fan of the show and writes reviews you would appreciate. I have not personally read her reviews of Merlin since the first one was written at the end of season 2, but I plan to go back and read them as I am able. I have followed her reviews of Dexter and Lost, among others.
    No, when it comes to fandom, I stay in my little circle. Very sheltered, but very like-minded.
    I have some thoughts from what I’ve seen so far I will probably post a little later today.

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