Original fiction project – week of 08/21/2011

Dis/inhibition: Still working through the final read-through. The artist has finished the first of six character portraits for the webpage. Now that we’ve worked out what information she needs to complete each of these, hopefully, the rest will go quicker. The plan after that is to design a small promotional website, and a Facebook page for the novel.

New story: Finishing up chapter five. It has been a bear. I introduced two new characters and wrote from both their points of view, then realized one of them just knew too damned much to let the reader into his head this soon. Cutting his bits didn’t take anything from the chapter, and kept it from being one and a half times longer than the other chapters so far.

As it is, the remaining character’s POV reveals quite a bit as well, information that maybe it’s too soon to reveal, but that’s just one of the tightropes you walk in a first draft–figuring out the pace at which you should offer up clues to an unfolding mystery.

12 thoughts on “Original fiction project – week of 08/21/2011

  1. I’m going to have the art done by that artist and do the text myself, but the website itself I’m having professionally done. I got too many criticisms of the design and layout of my Buffy website to attempt this new one myself!

  2. Lulu apparently has website makers you can hire, but I wouldn’t do so until I had the whole design worked out myself.

  3. I actually know a few web programmers myself. But I don’t think dealing with friends is the best way to go in situations like this.

  4. oh I agree. Did that once and it did not end well.
    I’ve been told word press has a very basic system that is easy to learn. mostly in the end I want something I can manipulate myself without a lot of expensive software

  5. Exactly. Don’t want to have to run back to the programmer at whatever-$$-a-pop every time changes need to be done.

  6. and then get put into a queue and it never get done. I’d rather get dinged for having an overly simplistic website I control myself than a beautifully done one where I am not a priority to the web master

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