Original fiction project – week of 05/01/2011

The first draft of the first chapter is finished. And yes, it is terrible!! And it’s 4,199 words. Which is why word counts are bogus as a measure of progress when you’re me. If I keep this up, my new novel will be as long as the old one.

2 thoughts on “Original fiction project – week of 05/01/2011

  1. That dweeb whose seminar last year was supposed to tell me how to plan a novel in 21 days said to shoot for about 2,500 words a chapter. Assuming 40 chapters or less, keeps you under 100,000 words which is apparently the publishing industries pragmatic limit for a first novel (all readers will invest in a new writer).
    At my current “rate”, I can’t really go over 23 chapters and stay under that word limit.

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