Time flies when you’re having fun

Ten years ago today, there was a heat wave in San Francisco. 103 degrees when I went for a stroll through the Haight district during my lunch break (this is a city that sends out “heat advisories” for 79 degrees). I’d been toying with an idea that was being pushed by several email correspondents who were readers of my website, All Things Philosophical on BtVS and AtS. They wanted to meet each other to discuss the show at deeper levels than could be found on other discussion boards they frequented.

So I did the research and set up one of those canned forums and the folks that came to hang there did the rest.

It’s been quite a ride. Thanks for making it fabulous, guys! Looking forward to this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. Weirdly, I remember that day really well. I was living in the East Bay (where it was even hotter) and had spent all day looking unsuccessfully for a summer job. I changed clothes (I even remember what I wore but I won’t bore you) and took BART into the city to meet my mom for dinner at our favorite restaurant. A waitress named Mona got me a job there that evening and a stranger at the bar bought me a glass of champagne – although I was only 20 and couldn’t drink it!

  2. A day that hot in the city Mark Twain said he spent “the coldest winter in” (when he was in fact there during the summer) is a city you remember 103 in.

  3. I absolutely love “All Things Philosophical….” and still revisit it sometimes just to revisit the major themes. Thank you so much for putting in the hard work and making it available to stroll through.

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