Pet peeve #232

When I tell people I have a PhD in Philosophy they hear “Psychology.” It happens way too often, and it’s annoying.

7 thoughts on “Pet peeve #232

  1. Heh. I have a BA and a Masters in History, and am finishing my Ph.D. in the same, and yet the majority of people I know think my degrees are all in English. Even the aunt I’m closest to introduces me to others as working on a Ph.D. in English.
    After more than a decade, it’s become part of the landscape!

  2. I think it is a matter of what people can wrap their heads around. A PhD in Philosophy is not understandable for most people. Psych is. So that becomes the default. Many people think if you have a PhD, with the title Dr., then you are a MD. S gets that all the time.
    Or they’re hard of hearing.

  3. Sometimes, I just go with it, because i do have a BA and Masters in Psychology, but then that gets annoying too because people assume it’s clinical psychology and it’s not, it’s experimental.

  4. “I’ve got a degree in psychology, and I know why you did that.”
    We had a bunch of’em in grad school.

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