Ever wish you could have a left-brained lobotomy?

A temporary one, at any rate?

I’ve been fishing around trying to find some way to deal with my creative block, because it’s not the same as writer’s block. I can write lots and lots of stuff. It’s just not going where I need it to go. Tapping into the subconscious mind where my story is hiding…that’s a challenge for a heavily left-brained gal like me.

Anything I do that is truly creative has to burble up on its own from my subconscious. And there’s only so much my conscious efforts can do to bring it forth. And of course, there is the issue of garbage in, garbage out. My subconscious mind is only as creative as what it has been exposed to in the universe.

I have gone back to all those creativity manuals, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, “The Artist’s Way”, “Writing Down the Bones”. And then finally, I dredged up my (very old) copy of “Writing the Natural Way”, trying to find some exercises that can accomplish a left-brain by-pass.

5 thoughts on “Ever wish you could have a left-brained lobotomy?

  1. Another great book is Bonnie Neubauer’s The Write Brain Workbook. She’s awesome and a lot of fun and this shows in her book. I use them as warm-ups.
    The left brain wakes up 1/2 hour later than the right. That’s why we can’t think well in the morning. Taking showers or naps will quiet the left brain and allow the right brain to sing.
    Good luck

  2. I always write first thing in the morning, which for me is my quiet, personal time, and my best time of day. I usually make myself exercise first, though, which give time for the left side to wake up (eep!).

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