The muses have abandoned me

So Julie’s reading my old novel chapter by chapter, and I’ve had to read it myself to clean up the editing remarks embedded in the text before sending it off to her. And it’s making me kinda sad. I’m a pretty good writer, damn it, and after four years of fan fic, I think I’m even better.

I should be writing a novel again.



ETA: It’s not an inability to write (I’ve been writing a lot…of fan fic), or lack of desire to write (I’m tormented by my desire to write original fic), or even lacking for writing prompts. It’s an inability of the prompts to connect to something inside me, inspiring writing.

ETA ETA: And it’s not related to my dad’s death. It’s been going on for *four years now*.


15 thoughts on “The muses have abandoned me

  1. There is fan-fic and there is the carefully done stuff you do. If nothing else, I’ll bet you are better at editing now.
    I’ve been trying to work some on scene description, trying not to make it snooze worthy.

  2. How about something about a troubled waif with questionable hair and an unshakable destiny?
    Or there’s always telophase’s story generator:
    Of course sometimes our brains just need to percolate a bit, you’ve been writing steadily while dealing with huge life changes, maybe your muses realize you need a bit of a break.
    (third times the charm with posting!)

  3. My writing has improved immeasurably in the last four years; I have learned to say so much more with so fewer words! The novel I am sending poor Julie is 100,000 words and 43 chapters. I could edit it down to a thing of beauty if I had the interest; I don’t. That novel’s old news.
    Now I want to apply my skills to something new.
    *pulls out empty pockets*

  4. Oh, I had fun with telophases’ story bits generator for days before I decided I needed to create one of my own. My own story bits generator, primitive as it was, then lead to doing a drabble-a-day for 30 days in April of 2006. That, unfortunately, didn’t spark any ideas for longer pieces.

  5. There’s a book laying here called Story Starters that’s the alleged cure for such a thing. I’ve never touched it, as my problem is too many ideas and not enough follow-through, but maybe the next time I’m waiting for someone I’ll see if it’s actually worthy of a rec. Clearly I thought so when I bought it.

  6. Thanks. I have been through most of the books of that nature. Which makes me suspect my block isn’t about mere ideas.

  7. The thing is, I *want* to write. It’s not a lack of desire. I just can’t find an idea that really *inspires* me. I’ve been through all the prompt stuff.
    Could it be there’s nothing inside me to come out on the page????

  8. *snort* No, that’s not it. And you’re being a bit too literal in your interpretation of my use of the word motivate, I think, or I chose the word poorly. Is there a word for putting yourself in the correct headspace to write? That’s what I meant.
    *flings randomly chosen books westward*

  9. “Correct headspace” is very broad and personal, though. I am having no trouble with fanfic; I am having no trouble putting words to the page. I want desperately to write something original, though, and any idea that comes to mind quickly goes stale before I can do anything with it. Nothing inspires me.

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